Vertebrae and Spring prides itself on offering teachers who are of an exceptionally high standard. All of our team have over six years experience of teaching movement and have trained with reputable schools of Pilates. The team have all trained to work on posture, biomechanics and alignment in movement so that we can work safely with clients who come with injuries and conditions. We have knowledge of classical and contemporary Pilates so that we can offer challenge, progression and conditioning as well as adaptations and a gentle, more mindful approach when needed. 

As a company Vertebrae and Spring is about standing out not just for our exceptional services but for dealing fairly and ethically with all associates. We want to promote top quality teaching in the fitness industry by valuing our teachers as professionals. The result is of course a community of excellent teachers who place exceptional value and care in what they do.

Enjoy browsing through our teacher's profiles below!

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Amy Ku Redler

Amy Ku Redler is a top level health and well-being consultant. During her career she has been featured in The Times, Vogue, TimeOut, Harpers & Collins and cited as one of London’s top 100 therapists in the London Evening Standard.

She has continually developed her skill set alongside 25 years of experience in movement and therapeutic practice. Starting out in 2001 she trained in Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga with Mary Stewart. In 2007, she trained with the Pilates Foundation as a mat work and pre and post natal teacher and alongside gained a post-graduate degree in Counselling. Continuing this training in 2013, she completed her Pilates Equipment training with Anne-Marie Zulkhari one of the Pilates Foundation's founding members. In 2015, Amy qualified with Breathworks as a Mindfullness Teacher.

More recently she completed an MA in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS University. There she specialised in mindfulness practices for chronic pain, for which she co-developed an 8 week programme which ran at UCLH.

A session with Amy can combine all of her skills or focus on just one discipline. Her aim is to support you on your journey to health and wellbeing in a way that is manageable and realistic alongside a modern lifestyle.


Jasmin Perrow (Founder)

Jasmin Perrow's approach to movement has led her to become one of London's sought after Pilates teachers. She stands out in her clear use of anatomy and depth of knowledge in the physical and physiological workings of the body. She has worked with 90 year olds, teenagers, celebrities, global c.e.o.s, busy mums and dads, young athletes and particularly enjoys focusing on detail, precision and technique during each session.

Her approach doesn't just cover biomechanics and Pilates but draws her love of movement and experience of contemporary techniques such as Bodymind centring, Noguchi gymnastics, Feldenkreis and non-religious meditation. She has worked alongside some of London's top physiotherapists and osteopaths in a clinical setting as well as founding her own business to serve with her ever growing private client list and promote high quality Pilates teaching more widely.

Jasmin trained as pre and post natal specialist with Carolyn Anthony one of the leading experts in this field globally. She has qualifications in clinical anatomy from the university of Bristol, healing diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction, Pilates for neurological conditions, Pilates for golfers and Pilates therapy for shoulders. She is a member of the Pilates Foundation with whom she did her original Pilates teacher training and has a first class BA from Dartington college of arts.


Henna Leminen

Henna Leminen originally trained as a contemporary dancer, working in dance companies in Hong Kong, Mississippi and London. She has a wealth of experience in working with the human body and brings a great sensitivity and love of movement to her Pilates sessions. Her Pilates qualifications include mat-work and equipment Pilates as well as pre and post natal specialist; where her training covered the pre and post natal to an exceptionally high level as well as fascial release work. Henna has worked closely with Jasmin during her time as a teacher for Vertebrae and Spring. She is proud to offer a style of Pilates that is both bio mechanical, strength based work and intuitive movement; promoting the client's own body awareness and enjoyment of movement.


Sana Basma

Sana first trained to teach Pilates mat work in 2008 with the Pilates Foundation. She went on to study with Anoushka Boone in one of the most thorough and authentic Pilates schools in the U.K. She has additional qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Pilates for Scoliosis and Pilates for the Hip and Knee.

Sana teaches at Triyoga, The Life Centre, Chelsea Bridge clinic and (of course) Vertebrae and Spring.

She is incredibly passionate about Pilates and the possibilities it offers, she has an incredible energy which she brings to her classes and loves to help people discover what they are capable of.


Ellen Mooney

Ellen’s passion for healthy living and a keen interest in how the human body functions and responds to movement led her to complete an undergraduate degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. She has three years of experience working in Australia in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation setting, developing and prescribing specialised rehabilitation programs for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. It was during this time that Ellen saw a great deal of clients with lower back and postural-related pain and from there discovered the positive benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation. She then went on to teach clinical mat Pilates for individuals and in group classes. She also holds qualifications in Reformer Pilates and Pilates with small equipment (ball, circle, band).

Her background in exercise physiology means that she believes in delivering sessions using the foundations of Pilates in combination with functional, goal-specific movements to promote greater transference to everyday life. Ellie’s patient and caring approach allows clients to work at their own pace as they progress towards achieving their health or fitness.