I had 1-2-1 lessons with Jasmin for over two years and found it nothing short of being brilliant. At the time I suffered from chronic back ache and with her help, patience and knowledge we were able to get me onto the road to recovery. I can't recommend Jasmin enough.

Guy, North Finchley.

Quite simply, Jasmin picked me up & put me back together again. Before her Pilates regime there were times when I could barely walk, now I’m training to run a 5k race. Thank you for the magic!

-Sharon, Parson’s Green.

Just wanted to tell you that the session with Sana was amazing, I'm so tired after doing very subtle and gentle exercises! Just from one session, I learnt so many things, including how to develop an awareness to hold my body in a better and helpful way to my hips and posture. Sana's energy and enthusiasm are wonderful and she is very generous with sharing her knowledge. No one could ask for a better teacher!

Marina, Crouch End.

Sana- she is creative, adaptable and very thorough. And best of all, extremely enthusiastic!

Steve, Muswell Hill.

Jasmin is an outstanding teacher. I have been taking Pilates for 23 years and have had many teachers and she is one of the best I have had. It is clear that she really knows her stuff and is very good at making specific adjustments

- Sarah, Highgate.

I found Jasmin to be an excellent teacher. Technique was easy to pick up because of simple clear instructions. Jasmin's additional study and knowledge of the body and how it functions shines through. This makes sessions creative and varied. I like to run to she introduced running specific exercises into my programme. These have assisted to make my running style more efficient and keep injury free. My sessions were also adapted to complement workouts with my personal trainer giving me an additional dimension to my exercise regime. As I got stronger the sessions became more challenging. My earlier experience with Pilates had been reformer/equipment based at a studio. I was very surprised at how challenging and complete an "at home" session could be with only a few pieces of simple Pilates kit. "

-Tessa, Chalk Farm.

Amy Redler has been a wonderful and positive teacher for me in yoga, pilates, massage and personal injury therapy over many years. She introduced me to the practice of yoga and pilates in the course of recovery from a debilitating shoulder injury, helping me in a range of exercises, stretches and practices geared towards my personal abilities and needs which have proved invaluable. In group classes, private therapy sessions and summer yoga retreats, Amy has persistently helped me to make progress in yoga and pilates, developing all aspects of my physical abilities, suppleness and mind/body balance. Her professional expertise, enthusiasm, personal attention, spiritual insights and good humour have been crucial in my personal and physical development and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone for both group teaching and one-to-one lessons."

Film Script Writer, London

"How much do I love Amy and her teaching? It’s hard to put it into words. She has been coming round to teach me and my friends – all of us middle-aged, all of us with age-related creaky joints and other body-glitches – for nearly 20 years. Putting us through our paces involves gentle twisting, bending and stretching, and a lot of thoughtful breathing. It’s just blissful, and we all always feel so much better after we’ve seen her."

Health and Beauty Journalist

"I have attended Amy's Pilates/Yoga classes for many years, Amy considers everyone's abilities and adapts her classes accordingly, no two classes are ever the same. Her intuitive approach is quite unique and I thank her for keeping me mobile, happy and fit!"

An artist, Sloane Square

I have been attending Jasmin's sessions for a month and have already noticed a huge difference in how I feel. I've noticed a great improvement in my posture and flexibility, and my figure is far more toned than it's ever been. 

-Stephanie, Islington.

Private sessions with Jasmin have renewed enthusiasm for continuing Pilates again after having given it up about 10 yrs ago. My core strength and therefore my lower back pain have improved dramatically.
I have an assured feeling that Jasmin knows who I am and all the exercises are personal to my needs. She is innovative in her ideas and therefore every class was different, keeping me interested. 
Jasmin has a nurturing nature which lends itself to her being a teacher who I trust implicitly. She has manner but she gives me confidence to do the exercises and I feel safe in her hands. She's also patient if I get mixed up and is always happy to be hands on if necessary.  She always asks for feedback about how I felt after the last session, allowing me to discuss any adverse symptoms I felt.

- Marion Welshman, New Barnet.

I found Jasmin to be an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and skilful teacher.  Her attention to detail was exemplary and she could always spot when my mind had wandered! Jasmin's approach enables one to both strengthen the body very quickly and safely, this work can be profoundly transforming.

- Faith Miller, Kentish Town.

I like the fact that there is endless variety in the exercises and combinations of exercises so classes always keep their freshness.  I also like the graduation of exercises, building up to something more challenging. What sticks in my mind is a sense of achievement and gratitude. What sticks in my body is a feeling of being healthy and energised.  A general all-round high!

-Barbara Winnell, Islington.

Jasmin, I thought you were excellent - hugely knowledgeable, efficient and motivating. Thank you! Here are my waist measurements after working with you after my pregnancy

6 Dec: 91cm, 1 Feb: 89cm, 4 Jun: 87cm, 22 Jul: 83cm.

-Dianne Symth, Kentish Town.